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Dear Coaches, Managers, Players, and Staff:


You have worked with me long enough to know how seriously I take my job. What I do as a coach is a mission for me. I don’t just coach goalies, I coach human beings to believe in themselves and to have a complete life of success on and off the ice. 


In line with that mission, I know there’s more I can do for you and your teams. 


For the past year I have been partnered with a coach who has the same sense of mission that I do. His name is Chris Palmer and he coaches the mental side for coaches, players, and teams in ways that change how they see hockey and life. He is the Mental Performance Coach for Quantum Hockey Agency and  the founder of Piranha Training. 


He coaches players in the NHL, AHL, and pro and amateur players in Canada, Sweden, and the US, as well as youth players in Detroit, Chicago, St.Louis, and Boston. I want him to start working with you as part of what Iconic is offering.


I’ve been around long enough to tell you that training the mental side of the game makes a tremendous difference in performance. Combined with Iconic’s skill development, training mental performance will give your goalies, players, teams, and coaches significant and measurable advantages in toughness, focus, tenaciousness, and resiliency. It will change how you see hockey, and develop a compete level that is relentless. 


I look forward to talking with you more about how this can work for you and your teams now and into the coming Fall season. And as always, it is an honor to work with you. 




Clayton Brown

Founder, Iconic Goaltending

If you would like to schedule Coach Chris Palmer for your next practice, please contact us. 

We cannot wait to start working together to develop the whole athlete!

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